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"We just had a wonderful, most enjoyable experience getting an elevator installed in our house.

We moved into our house a couple of years ago. The house was built with the stacked closets in anticipation of an elevator. My husband especially was intrigued with the prospect of getting an elevator. However, being new to Charlotte, we didn't have any contacts to make this happen. A local builder referred us to Residential Elevators.

We worked with your Sales Rep who was extremely personable and so enjoyable and pleasant to work with. He was very patient with us in the decision making process. He also was very helpful in working with our contractor in prepping the shaft properly, He met with the contractor a couple of times to make sure the contractor understood what needed to be done, and he surveyed the finished shaft before installation of the elevator. He stopped by during installation to make sure all was going smoothly. He handled the slight damage to house ($200 gutter damage) professionally and reassuringly; it was deducted from final payment, so we did not have to wait for a reimbursement check which was very considerate.

We were able to miraculously get the parts ordered and delivered in an incredibly short period of time. We were going on vacation and were working around this week we were to be gone. We didn't think it could possibly get completed before we left, but, somehow, it happened. The parts were delivered on Tuesday and installation began on Wednesday and was finished Friday.

We had two of the nicest professional hardworking Installers. Since it was a finished house, they were especially careful. They stayed late in their day to explain the workings of the elevator to my husband and answer his questions. They worked diligently for three solid days and were so incredibly nice and fun to be around. It was
actually sad when they left as we had bonded over those three days! We also met your Service Technician, who helped finish the job on time.

We love the addition of the elevator in our house and the experience was tremendous. Thanks to Residential Elevators, Inc. for making this happen. If you even need to show an elevator to a prospective customer, we would be happy to do so. Please feel free to use us as a very satisfied reference."

  T. & S. Mankus - Homeowners - Charlotte, NC  
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