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"I want to thank you and REI for the tremendous visit my son-in-law, two grandsons and I had last Friday to your Crawfordville and Cairo plants. At Crawfordville everyone on the shop floor was very courteous and went to great lengths to explain what they were doing in the build process, painting, inspection, packing and shipping. My grandsons were enthralled by the laser cutting and welding machines, and CNC routing machines. The pride that each person takes in his particular job was contagious, and it showed in the quality of their work.

At the Cairo plant they showed us the floor and each work cell. Again the pride and enthusiasm each person takes in his particular job was contagious and showed in the quality of the work.

I chose REI for our home elevator primarily because of the apparent quality of the end product, and because you manufacture almost all products in house and are not simply a distributor. I have an extensive background in the design and manufacture of US Defense products at Raytheon Company in Lowell and Andover, Massachusetts, thus I fully appreciate the effort it takes to control your product and sources, as well as the quality control that must go into each and every step of the manufacturing process."

  J. McIntosh - Homeowner  
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