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  Letters from Customers  

"To begin with I wanted to express how delighted I am with selecting your company to manufacture and install my home elevator. I originally had decided to go with REMI, but thru the perseverance of your Sales Representative, I opted to switch and go with your company even though I had already given REMI a substantial deposit which I knew I would have to fight for in order to receive a refund.

Through the efforts of your Lead Mechanic, the installation was 110% totally professional. Even when he ran into problems with the Maxton motor he remained relentless in correcting that by having a new motor overnighted to where he was staying. He represents your company in an extremely fine manner and is a true asset to the company. Even when his Ridgid electric pipe threader failed to operate, he and I attempted to make it functional at 7:30 PM. We broke it down and tried to get it working but it refused to cooperate!
I have been in the construction related industries for over 43 years and am a licensed Electrical/Mechanical Engineer (retired). I know an exceptional mechanic after I’ve seen him perform and your Installer falls into that category. I also give credit to his helpers, who both knew exactly what to do while Jesse worked on the reservoir assembly.

Now your Sales Representative falls into a higher category. He totally guided the carpentry company in order to make sure everything was proper in order to make the installation process run smoothly. He is also an asset to your company and if I was still in business, I would look to sway him away from your company in order to work for me as a Sales Rep. I would do whatever it took. Hold onto him, because he is committed to REI totally. He is a fine gentlemen and knows his elevators backwards, forwards and upside down. He took the time and effort, as well as numerous stops to the project site, to give us a truly accurate picture on Hydraulic vs. Traction. He knows all the ins and outs of these two types of home elevators and being we were putting the motor room out in the garage, we elected to go with Hydraulic, and it was the right choice. It is quiet as can be.

On a different note the craftsmen in your shops, do top notch work. Everything from the welds to the carpentry are truly excellent work. And I would know. I used to own a midsize architectural woodworking company and know quality detail work when I lay my eyes on it. Everything from the thickness of the veneer on your Maple plywood to your molding details are exceptional. I’m getting tired of using the word exceptional, but that is what it truly is. And I am sure your Service Department follows suit along with all that I have mentioned. Naturally I hope to never have to avail myself of their services, but I firmly believe they will be responsive and understanding and very quick to provide service if I ever need it; hopefully not!!

Today I gave your Sales Rep a 40% check as per the contract I had agreed to, and I paid with pleasure, which honestly doesn’t happen often enough in the construction trades. I am sure I don’t have to elaborate on that, when you find devoted company people you do what is needed to keep them in your employ.

Upon passing State Inspection, I will have the retainage check in my pocket. As you probably know that is standard in AIA contracts that I have worked under for all of my business career.
The only thing that I would ask for is that you do your best to expedite the State Inspection. We are trying to take occupancy by November 1st, 2016 and would tremendously appreciate all efforts on your part to make that happen.

In closing, you should be proud of these men and I am sure I am not the only one who has expressed their appreciation for their devoted, expeditious efforts and in never quitting in frustration when they run into headaches on the job like so many less qualified personnel would have.

Again THANK YOU and God Bless REI!!! "

  D. & L. Klein - Homeowners - Atlanta, GA  
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