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"My husband and I built our three story home several years ago and added a shaft in case somewhere down the line we (or the next owners) would want to add an elevator. After my mom had a stroke, she was no longer able to get above the ground floor level of our home because she could no longer handle the stairs. All of our main living space is on the second level, where everyone congregates. She hasn't been here since December because she doesn't like having to stay in the lower level. I also have to have two knee replacement surgeries in the next few months and these three levels of stairs have been miserable for me. We decided to go ahead and add an elevator so we contacted a number of companies to get some estimates. From the moment we called your company and throughout the process, every single person was professional, courteous, and helpful!

I want to sincerely thank your REI Sales Rep and the amazing team of REI Installers who made this experience so stress free. We had so many issues with different contractors who worked on our home and I was thinking this was probably going to be yet another headache because of all of the steps that had to be taken to prepare for the install and get our elevator completed. I had no reason to worry because it was the easiest process and we couldn't be happier with the results! Our elevator is absolutely beautiful and I am so excited to finally have my mom over to enjoy spending time in our home.

Here are some specifics where Residential Elevators made this experience such a positive one:

1) From the moment we made our very first call to your company, a super pleasant REI customer service representative answered and was able to answer some of the questions we had about getting a residential elevator installed. This was not the case for several other companies we called where we were transferred around to several people and it seemed as though no one knew what was going on. That was not very reassuring so it was a very noticeable difference when we called Residential Elevators.

2) Your Sales Rep came to our home to show us all of the product information, walk us through the process, and help us know what we needed to do to get everything ready. He was great at quickly responding to our calls and emails and played a big role in helping us decide on the color and type of elevator based on his experience. I am so thankful we listened to his advice! The specs and requirements listed on the paperwork are very clear and easy to follow and your Sales Rep was great about working with my husband, who was doing all the prep work, to make sure he had everything correct before they came to install.

3) Your employees were the friendliest installers! From the moment they came in they were so professional and even took the time to allow my daughter to introduce them to her brand new pet gecko. They didn't have to do that but they were so sweet with her and she was so excited that she got to show them her new pet! Those three men worked together so well and you could tell they had a lot of respect for one another. They did such a great job protecting our floors, keeping doors closed as much as possible, and cleaning up after themselves. I can't say enough about how thankful we were to have such a great team of professionals installing our elevator.

We would definitely recommend Residential Elevators to anyone considering installing a residential elevator!"

  E. & D. Drenten - Homeowners - Lexington, SC  
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