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Have you ever wished you could more easily navigate your Florida home? Do stairs present a problem for you or a family member? Would you like to future-proof your Florida residence with a home elevator?

These are all reasons to give Residential Elevators a phone call. For more than 20 years, our team members have concentrated their attention on helping customers in Miami, Jacksonville, and all across Florida realize their dream of staying at home without sacrificing convenience.

Discover the beauty, value and comfort of a home elevator today.

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Why Florida Homeowners Choose Residential Elevators

Beginning the journey to purchasing and installing a custom home elevator in Florida can be exciting. It can also be confusing. Let our home elevator company in Florida make the process easier from beginning to end. We will work closely with you from day one to ensure you get a home elevator that meets your needs and budget.

Home Elevator Design Choices

Whether you want to retrofit your existing home with an elevator, or you are planning to build a new residential property, Residential Elevators can help you choose the perfect cab and lift system.

Our two main types of elevators include hydraulic and traction models. Hydraulic home elevators work by a piston and pump, using equipment housed in an adjacent machine room space. Traction home elevators use a counterweight system and require no additional machine room.

Both hydraulic and traction style elevators created by Residential Elevators meet industry standards. In fact, all our elevators use exactly the same type of engineering as elevators you ride on in high rises and other commercial buildings.

Which type of lift system will work for your situation? Our experts can help you determine that based on your available space, budget and other considerations.

Highly Crafted Cabs

Most people only ever see the cab portion of a home elevator. For this reason, we take special care to make sure all our cabs stand out. Our most basic cab model includes pre-finished hardwood walls and ceiling, silver scissor gates, recessed LED lighting and much more. You can also choose to install a custom home elevator in Florida to ensure your home elevator matches the overall design and aesthetics of your Florida residence.

Advantages to Partnering With Residential Elevators in Florida

We know you have other residential elevator companies in Florida to choose from. We invite you to consider the multitude of reasons our organization makes the most sense.

  • 24/7 accessibility: Get to any space in your home conveniently and live independently thanks to a dependable home elevator.
  • Long-standing reputation: For more than two decades, we have grown our reputation for excellence. Read through our customer testimonials and discover what makes us a reliable partner.
  • Superior maintenance plans: We provide you with three maintenance plan choices to ensure your elevator equipment stays in top condition.
  • Complete transparency: You deserve to know the facts about everything from pricing to the home elevator installation process in Florida. We aim to give you real information every time, helping you feel good about your choices.
  • Tremendous craftsmanship: Our employees build our cabs, not third-party providers. Plus, only employees can install your home elevator in Florida. This level of control ensures you get an amazing result.

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Want to learn more about home elevators?

We have a complete library of resources that can help give you more information about home elevators, their benefits and the installation process. Check out some of these posts:

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Do you want someone to walk through your home or look at your new-build plans to determine what type of home elevator would best suit you? Contact a Florida home elevator company representative, or call us at 800.832.2004 today to get started.


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