Residential Elevators helps families make a “forever” home with custom-built elevators that add accessibility and convenience for everyone.


There are many reasons people may install a residential elevator in their home from adding convenience and luxury to supporting a family’s unique needs. In some cases, home elevators support multi-generational families by addressing seniors’ mobility challenges, allowing them to remain comfortable in their own homes longer or making it easier for them to navigate their children’s home, if and when the time comes for them to move in with their adult children. In other cases, home elevators can help people with short- or long-term injuries move about their home more easily.

Specializing in home elevators since 1996, Residential Elevators has installed tens of thousands of elevators across the United States. Along the way, the company has become known as a leader and innovator in its field. As the only company of its kind that manufacturers, ships, installs, and services its elevators, Residential Elevators touts features and functionality that uniquely address the concerns of homeowners who want to make their homes accessible to all family members for many years to come.



While many multi-story homes built in the last decade are “home-elevator-ready,” many older homes are not. Residential Elevators’ expert sales teams and local contractors work together to evaluate homes and offer retrofitting solutions.

Home remodels are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and many homes can accommodate an elevator hoistway. Best of all, the required footprint is often no larger than a well placed closet. “As an experienced custom manufacturer for 25 years, we are creative and work hard to overcome limitations and make elevators accessible for everyone,” said Jimmy Stewart, Director of National Sales. “The ability to install a residential elevator comes down to the interior and exterior design of the home and the home’s architecture and
footprint – and we’re committed to finding a way.”


Safety and Security Features

Home safety and security is rightfully at the forefront of many homeowners’ minds, especially if mobility is a challenge. Residential Elevators has established innovative ways for homeowners to protect their investments. Home elevators are especially popular in coastal areas where the
home’s bottom floor is close to sea level. Residential Elevators’ digital touch screen gives users the ability to lock out the elevator or require a passcode to use the elevator or gain access to a particular floor. This security advancement limits guests and young children, preventing them from readily using the elevator or gaining access to all floors of the house.



Digital Age

The elevator’s digital control operating panel (COP) features a large font size in an easy-to-read type. Many customers ask to be able to interface with their elevator through smart technology within the home. Residential Elevators can also customize the home elevator with automatic landing doors, similar to commercial elevator doors, eliminating the need to manually open and close the elevator’s door and gate.



Custom Design Options

Residential Elevators offers custom-built elevators, giving owners the freedom to make their elevators fully their own. Customizable interior features include accessibility options like handrails, operating panel height, and door/gate functionality. To optimize the elevator for wheelchair use, the footprint can be customized to ensure that a standard wheelchair with an attendant can fit comfortably within the elevator. Customizations including lights, wood and stain colors, stainless steel, and accessories allow owners to create an elevator that matches their personal home style. Our expert design team is prepared to pull from the client’s ideas and create a striking and convenient home elevator.



Get Your Dream Elevator

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