Benefits of Home Elevator to Your Health

Home elevator for health benefits

Home elevators are a wise investment for years to come as lower equipment, material and installation costs open the door for more homeowners. This means more people can enjoy the health benefits of having a home elevator from Residential Elevators. In addition to favorable reviews from our clients, notable organizations are spreading the word about how our unique products and services can make a difference in a home.

We Were Featured in USA TODAY’s Home Magazine

Recently, our elevators were featured in the spring 2020 edition of USA TODAY Home. This national publication covers thoughtful home improvements and refreshing design choices. The spring issue, in particular, focused on products that are highly beneficial for an extended time at home. We are proud of our quality home elevators, and we continue to create functional and widely accessible products for many lifestyles and purposes.

How can a Home Elevator Benefit Your Health?

As you, your loved ones and your pets grow older, a home elevator is integral for your well-being inside the residence you love. An elevator enhances your independence and increases your mobility, promoting a better quality of life every day. Plus, using an elevator instead of the stairs can reduce tiredness, soreness and strain on the body.

The other benefits of home elevators include:

  • Eliminating the risk of falls on the steps, particularly among children and the elderly
  • Transporting heavy objects between floors, including groceries, laundry, luggage or packages
  • Providing a smooth, comfortable ride from floor to floor
  • Providing a relaxing, quiet journey as well as a floating sensation that can do wonders for your peace of mind

Stainless Cab with Wood Panel Inserts

Classic Series Home Elevator

How can a Home Elevator Benefit Your Home?

A home elevator is an architectural statement, regardless of who will use it. Decorative light and glass elements, gorgeous wooden stains and gleaming handrail fixtures add to your home’s overall charm. Visitors will be awed by the workmanship throughout the cab’s appearance. Because a residential elevator installation is so compact, it can serve as an attractive and clever use of space beyond a stairwell.

As a premium addition to your home, an elevator raises your property value as well. With a luxurious, professionally crafted design, a residential elevator will entice potential buyers even without mobility issues. The quality construction also ensures this feature will last for the lifetime of your home.

Design Your Dream Elevator With Residential Elevators Today

At Residential Elevators, we design, manufacture and install elevators that serve as a valuable addition for your home. We offer hydraulic- and traction-style elevators in a wealth of sleek, stylish options. Plus, we tailor every phase of the project to your specifications.

We don’t have products that come off the shelf — our staff and installation experts will customize an elevator that’s as unique as your residence. Call us at 800.832.2004 to discuss how a home elevator can improve your health or use our online form to get in touch today.

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