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At one time, home elevators were rare in Alabama residences. Thanks to the forward-thinking engineering and vision of the Residential Elevators team, we have made accessibility and luxury available for many individuals and families.

Our Experience in Alabama

If your existing or new-build home could benefit from a custom-crafted, precisely built home elevator, Residential Elevators can help. We specialize in home elevator installation in Alabama and beyond. We’re happy to show you the many ways a properly installed elevator can bring convenience, safety, value and aesthetics to your home.

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Cab Designs and Types

Our home elevators come in two basic models — hydraulic and traction. Both use commercial-grade development and follow regulatory expectations to give you a seamless ride when ascending or descending.

Hydraulic home elevators work by hoisting your home elevator by utilizing a piston pump set up. These types of lifts come standard in many commercial buildings and allow you to access different floors in your home. In addition to the elevator shaft, hydraulic home elevators require a small area adjacent to the elevator to house back-end machinery.

Traction home elevators use mechanics preferred by commercial buildings with many stories. They require no machine room because they use a counterweight system that raises and lowers the elevator. Known for being quiet and reliable, traction home elevators are a good choice for some retrofits where space may be at a premium.

Whether you select a hydraulic or traction home elevator, you always get plenty of cab options. Our standard cab includes pre-finished hardwood walls and ceiling, maple hardwood handrail, silver scissor gate and silver car and hall stations. However, when you work with a knowledgeable Residential Elevators manufacturers representative, you can choose different features to create simplistic, coastal, traditional, modern or completely personalized silhouettes. Our goal remains firm — your home elevator should fit into the overarching design of your residence.

Benefits of Working With Residential Elevators in Alabama

We know you have choices when it comes to your preferred home elevator company in Alabama. Here are a few reasons to partner with Residential Elevators:

  • Long-term reputation: We take pride in our stellar reputation for constructing, installing and maintaining home elevators in Alabama and across the nation. Discover why we are a premier home elevator company today.
  • Complete transparency: From price to installation, you can trust us to give you all the information you need to make decisions for your home elevator.
  • Extremely high craftsmanship: Everything we build is custom-crafted by our own employees. We do not outsource the construction of our cabs or installation services to untrained third-party providers. This means you always get exactly what you expect.
  • Unique customization: Do you need a home elevator design you cannot find elsewhere? We offer custom home elevators in Alabama that meet safety guidelines.

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Want to Learn More About Home Elevators?

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