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If your Pennsylvania residence includes at least two levels, you may be worried about staying in your home for life. Stop those concerns by investigating the possibility of bringing a home elevator into your household.

Home elevator companies in Pennsylvania like Residential Elevators can help you future-proof your property. Plus, we can add value and visual appeal to your overall real estate. Talk to a home elevator installation specialist today about the affordable luxury of a home elevator.

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Stay in the Home You Love

Is staying in your current home or your proposed new build important to you? Adding a home elevator can improve the accessibility of your space. Even if you can navigate stairs and get from level to level today, you may still want to install a home elevator as a fail-safe for the coming years.

Contact one of our company representatives in Pennsylvania to learn more about the beauty and convenience of owning a home elevator. We can show you how other homeowners added a sense of freedom to their everyday lives by putting an elevator into an existing closet or other space.

Your dreams of living without boundaries could be just a single call away.

Two Types of Home Elevator Lift Systems

When we founded Residential Elevators more than two decades ago, we scoured commercial elevator regulations to come up with the best plans for home elevators on the market. The result? Both lift systems we use are the same kinds featured in private and public office buildings around the nation.

Our hydraulic lift system relies on a piston and pump to move the cab upward. Many people describe the experience as feeling like they’re floating when they ride in hydraulic lift home elevators. To accommodate the hydraulics equipment, a separate small machine room needs to be available.

Traction-style lifts are the second type of home elevator our customers appreciate. Traction lifts use a counterweight system, and like hydraulic lifts, they offer a seamless ride up and down.

home elevator subcontractor

home elevator subcontractor

Why Partner With Residential Elevators?

Trying to decide which residential elevator company makes the most sense for you? Check out our main advantages:

  • Longevity: Our company has stood the test of time and consistently leads the pack in transparency, dependability and craftsmanship.
  • Maintenance options: As a valued Residential Elevators customer, you’ll have the option of choosing from several exceptional maintenance plans to help your home elevator run efficiently year after year.
  • Unparalleled engineering: Each home elevator we sell and install meets the highest standards in the industry. We take engineering seriously, so you can enjoy peace of mind.
  • Affordable, upfront pricing: Homeowners in Pennsylvania often assume they could never buy a residential elevator. Our team will break down the pricing and explain exactly how the process works. Many people who thought a home elevator was an out-of-reach luxury discover how affordable it can be.

Want to get a home elevator Installed?

We have a complete library of resources that can help give you more information about home elevators, their benefits and the installation process. Check out some of these posts:

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Are you intrigued by the idea of adding value, comfort and convenience to your family’s life by installing a custom-crafted home elevator in Pennsylvania? Contact a company specialist online or call our team at 800.832.2004 right now.


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