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Your goal? To stay in your Texas residence as long as possible. Our goal? To help you make that dream come true by installing a home elevator in your current or new-build property.

Once thought of as only available to the rich and famous, the convenience of an elevator in the home has been discovered by everyday families across Texas. If you worry about accessibility, you may not need to move. Many Texans remain at home season after season, enjoying their multi-story properties after partnering with a residential elevator company. Talk to Residential Elevators about your choices today.

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Affordable Luxury

Thinking a home elevator could be out of your budget? You might be surprised. Many people who work with Residential Elevators discover that purchasing and installing a residential elevator is a more doable opportunity than they imagined. In fact, adding a home elevator may increase the overall value of your real estate, making it an excellent long-term investment in both your preferred lifestyle and your estate.

High-Quality Cab Designs

The elevator cab tends to stand out the most in terms of home elevator designs, which is the reason we offer several standard cab models. From simplistic and traditional to coastal and modern, we can seamlessly add an elevator that mimics your home’s aesthetics.

Not sure any of our basic packages will work in your unique residence? Talk to us about customizing a cab to suit your one-of-a-kind needs and expectations.

Lift Varieties

Behind the scenes, the type of elevator lift you choose should always offer a reliable, smooth and safe ride. At Residential Elevators, we feature two elevator lift system models: hydraulic and traction. Hydraulic elevators use a piston and pump to lift and lower the cab. In contrast, traction-style elevators rely on a counterweight sytem within the shaft, counterbalancing the cab as it travels up and down.

Either type of home elevator lift can be perfect depending on your situation and space availability. When you make your appointment with a home elevator installation specialist in Texas, you can get a better idea of which system is best-suited for your circumstances.

Why Work With Residential Elevators?

We recognize that Residential Elevators is one of several custom home elevator companies in Texas, but we believe that our advantages set us apart from the rest:

  • Reputation: For more than 20 years, our team members have created products that exceed customer expectations.
  • Transparency: We’ll tell you everything you want to know upfront. There’s no guessing when you work with our representatives.
  • Dependability: Because we align our products with regulatory standards in the commercial elevator market, you can rely on them to work tirelessly.
  • Craftsmanship: We never hire out when we need cabs. Instead, our employees make everything we sell from our in-house location.

cab design option from Residential Elevators

Want to Add a Residential Elevator?

We have a complete library of resources that can help give you more information about home elevators, their benefits and the installation process. Check out some of these posts:

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Why wait to get closer to your vision of having a custom home elevator in your Texas residence? Call a Texas representative from Residential Elevators at 800-832-2004 or contact us online to arrange a home visit now.


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