Residential Elevators Luxury Lift Hydraulic Home Elevator (LLH-950 Roped Hydraulic) is built using the same design criteria developed over decades commonly used in the commercial and industrial elevator market today. The Luxury Lift Hydraulic Home Elevator provide you the lifting capacity normally available only with commercial elevators. Complement the Luxury Lift Hydraulic Home Elevator with your personal choice of cab appointments and enjoy commercial elevator features at residential elevator prices.

How Does a Hydraulic Residential Elevator System Work?

When you use an elevator in any commercial building, the elevator will either work using hydraulics or traction. We offer both types of home elevators at Residential Elevators, and we perfect both for a homeowner’s unique needs.

A hydraulic lift hoists the elevator cab using a piston and pump setup. A small, adjacent machine room houses all the hydraulic pumping equipment necessary to give riders a smooth ascent and descent every time. Homeowners who install hydraulic style home elevators frequently remark at how quiet and smooth the experience is whether they go up or down.

Each full hydraulic home elevator we sell follows building criteria used in the commercial and industrial elevator industries. Essentially, you get the same lifting design you would find in any public or private business building for a fraction of the cost.

Benefits of a Hydraulic Home Elevator System

We understand the decision to install a hydraulic home elevator involves plenty of consideration. Some of the major advantages you’ll receive from choosing a hydraulic elevator from Residential Elevators, include:

  • Convenience: Each hydraulic home elevator we offer enables you to navigate your home more easily. You won’t need to worry about stairs when you have a reliable hydraulic home elevator system. In fact, some families add a home elevator system to their newly constructed homes as a way to future-proof their living experience.
  • Dependability: Because we carefully follow elevator regulations set forth by governing bodies, our hydraulic style home elevators always provide industry-standard dependability. We also include key safety features to ensure you always feel comfortable using our home elevators.
  • Customization: Full hydraulic home elevators can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing thanks to the personalization we provide. You can modify our basic cab easily to turn your elevator into an asset. Plus, including a hydraulic style home elevator may substantially increase your property value for future resale.
  • Low maintenance: Why worry about keeping an eye on your elevator? Each highly engineered hydraulic elevator we sell comes with a standard warranty. You can even call us during the lifetime of your elevator to get questions answered over the phone.
  • Affordability: Many people believe they cannot afford a home elevator. However, Residential Elevators concentrates on pricing our elevators to fit a variety of budgets.

Get Your Home Elevator From Residential Elevators

Make life simpler, easier and more beautiful with a luxury hydraulic style home elevator from Residential Elevators. Contact us now or give us a call at 800.832.2004 to begin your journey to truly living without accessibility barriers in the home you love.

Below are the Plans and Specifications for our Hydraulic Home Elevators. View information about our traction home elevator.

VIEW 3/4″ x 4″ or 3/4″ x 3″ Door/Jamb Information

Hydraulic - Various Drawings

Standard machine room layout HYDM01 HYDM01
Alternate machine room layout HYDM02 HYDM02
Hydraulic hoistway & machine room elevation (typ.) HYD01 HYD01
Hoistway framing structural requirements, isometric view Framers
Home Elevator 3/4" x 4" Rule (Safety) 3/4" x 4" Rule
Home Elevator 3/4" x 3" Rule (Safety) 3/4" x 3" Rule
Rail bracket / rail forces HYD04 HYD04


Luxury Lift Contractor Specifications - with plans Hydraulic
Requirement for Work Done By Others 3/4" x 4" Rule Work Done By Others 3/4 x 4
Requirement for Work Done By Others 3/4" x 3" Rule Work Done By Others 3/4 x 3
Requirements for Anchoring Support Anchoring Support
Minimum requirements Minimum
General contractor pre-installation checklist 3/4" x 4" Rule Check 3/4 x 4
General contractor pre-installation checklist 3/4" x 3" Rule Check 3/4 x 3