Our Story

Bobby Boeneke was a man who could spot a need.  In the mid 90’s, his client and future business partner shared a story about waterfront condos not selling until he installed home elevators.  Bobby had a strong background in banking, finance, and business.  He also understood the real estate market, the needs of different generations as they move towards retirement and the increase in urban, multi-story housing.  In 1996, he and his partner invested their savings into buying a small home elevator company in north Florida.  Residential Elevators was born.

The company’s vision was to hire the best elevator talent and craftsmen to make home elevators that would become the standard in the industry.  They invested in research and technology to utilize the same systems used in commercial high-rise elevators, to create quality elevator experiences for homeowners.

Today that vision is a reality.  With two manufacturing plants, sales representatives and dedicated dealers accessible across the nation, and a team of employees who believe in quality and customer service, Residential Elevators is the nation’s leader in home elevators.  We are the top choice of leaders in the construction and development community, as well as for individual homeowners.

The company remains family-owned and committed to providing customers with safe, innovative and quality elevators.  Bobby’s adage to “Do the right thing” continues as our guiding force.


  • We provide factory-direct installation of home elevators throughout the Southeastern United States, Eastern Seaboard, Texas and California.  We have trained, authorized dealers in markets we do not cover with our own employees.
  • Our elevators have an industry-leading capacity of up to 950 pounds and 15 square feet of usable space – the largest size and capacity allowed by the National Code.
  • Our home elevators are built using the same design criteria used in the commercial elevator market, but at an affordable cost.
  • Traction Elevators offer a quiet, smooth ride and eliminate the need for a machine room, saving you money without sacrificing quality.
  • Hydraulic Elevators also provide that smooth, lifting sensation.  The system does not penetrate the ground which helps eliminate environmental concerns.
  • We offer options that save floor space and are environmentally sound.
  • We deliver, install and service with our employees or authorized third-party dealers, not third-party subcontractors.
  • We are available to you.  There is no charge for telephone customer assistance for the lifetime of your elevator.  Our customer service staff can often resolve a problem or eliminate the need for a service call.
  • Our state-of-the-art electric landing system communicates the location of the elevator to the main control system ensuring a ride that is silent, and dependable.
  • Trained representatives are available to understand your home elevator needs and find the perfect solution.  They will take you from concept to completion of your elevator.


John Brill – Cab Builder

  • I’ve done woodwork all my life and consider it a craft.  At Residential Elevators, my name goes on each cab I build, and I make the time to give the customer the best product their money can buy.  Whether it’s the stainless- steel cab I created for a NASCAR driver, or the mahogany and smoked gray plexiglass cab for a beach home, or the crisp lines of the Shaker design for an older couple who were able to stay in their multi-story home, every cab I build comes from a place of caring and craftsmanship.

Robert Eaton – Research and Development

  • I’ve worked at Residential Elevators for 13 years and I monitor and look for ways to continuously improve our product.  When you buy a home elevator, it’s an investment you expect to last for decades.  Our competitors plan for ten years and they’re done.  At Residential Elevators, we support your home elevator for 30 to 40 years with our own employees who know how to service and support your elevator, as well as make upgrades as new technologies become available.   When I was a kid, a garage door opener was a luxury.  Now you can’t find a home without one.  Today the same thing is happening with home elevators. We make multi-story homes available and accessible for everyone.

Dianne Shaw

  • I have been with Residential Elevators for 12 years and my focus is ensuring that the installation and service of your elevator is done with maximum quality and efficiency.  Our Installation Mechanics are absolutely the best in the business.  You can be confident that your elevator has been installed correctly and according to code.  Our Service Technicians are factory trained and, along with our Customer Service Representatives, deliver topnotch service for the life of your elevator.  Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with the highest possible level of quality and service.

Frank Panzarino – Code Compliance and Production Management

  • When you buy a Residential Elevator, you can know that quality and safety guide every employee in the plant.  Because of that, we have the best units on the market.  We powder coat metal products to withstand the elements.  Our home elevator cabs are made with seven-ply cabinet grade plywood – no particle board ever – with all hardwood trim, a factory lacquer finish, and custom stains.  We also work directly with architects providing everything they need for their design, from blocking to openings to door swings with AutoCAD easily available.  On the construction site, our goal is to be the easiest subcontractor you work with, and we’re there face-to-face to make sure that’s the case.

David Craig – Sales / Manufacturing Representative

  • I am proud to be representing the GOLD STANDARD in the business as a manufacturer representative for REI for almost 19 years.  The fact that I have been representing the same company for that long speaks volumes to what kind of company we are.  As a Manufacturer Representative, I am involved with the project as soon as a customer contracts with REI to be a partner in project managing your job to see that all details are addressed as the building process progresses.  We strive to be the very best and easiest subcontractor to work with on all projects we are a part of and we prove this day in and day out.  We are able to do this because we control all aspects of the process, from manufacturing at our 2 manufacturing facilities, delivering the elevators on our own fleet of semi-trucks to each jobsite and then installing our product with our own factory trained installers that are employees of REI.  Most other companies use  subcontracted third party installers and they do not get the same results that we demand as the leader in the business. Ultimately, we have built our business on doing a great job for our customers so that they refer us to their friends and colleagues.  A referral is best compliment of a job well done that we could receive from our customer.

Henry Jones – Home Elevator Installer

  • I’ve been installing home elevators for Residential Elevators for more than ten years.  What sets us apart is the pride we take in our work.  It can be as simple as arriving on time, to ensuring the wires in the hoistway are neat and organized, to keeping our worksite clean.  Every elevator is installed with the type of quality that ensures value for my customer.  It’s personal for me.  I want them to feel like they got their money’s worth.

Tim Yolich – Service and Warranty (Service Technician of the Year (2008, 2015, 2016, 2017)

  • My objective is to treat our customers like family.  We want to build rapport and trust with our customers.  Our entire team is committed to your safety and comfort because we know your family, friends and even your pets depend on your Residential Elevator.  Thank you for choosing our Residential Elevator for your home.