Plan now for your Home Elevator

Stack Your Closets

If you have envisioned even the possibility of wanting a home elevator in the future, there are some easy steps you can include in designing your new home to include an elevator plan that will save you significant money in the future.  For architects, contractors, developers, and homeowners, it’s as simple as designing and sizing your home closets in the same location on each floor to accommodate a home elevator in the future.  Stacking your closets in your design now, allows you to more easily and affordably make all levels of your home accessible to you and your guests in the future.



  • Allow 8″ for recessed elevator pit in slab
  • Allow for proper overhead clearance (96″ minimum)
  • Size closets to match standard elevator shaft requirements (60″ x 60″)
  • Install 2″ x 12″ blocking requirements in one wall
  • Offset doors
  • Install temporary flooring at each level and in pit
  • Install phone line, light, GFI outlet in designated area for equipment



  • Remove temporary floors
  • Install Elevator!

By planning now for a future home elevator, designers, architects, contractors, developers, and home owners can add value for pennies now and future-proof home for accessibility.

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