Traction Home Elevator

Residential Elevators Luxury Lift Traction Home Elevator (LLT-950 variable-speed machine room-less) uses the same technology as 10 – 50 story commercial buildings that have been in use for over 100 years. We have developed this technology for a Home Elevator application without the need for a machine room. That saves the square footage of your home and adds to its value. Residential Elevators will custom build many upgrades to your exact specifications including: extra gates, custom cab height, observation glass panels, security keypads, keyed hall station, custom interior, custom fixtures and much more.

Quiet, smooth and reliable operations are the hallmarks of this advanced system and will provide dependable vertical transportation for the life of your home. A traction elevator is as quiet and smooth as compared to most conventional hydraulic systems on the market. Residential Elevators exclusive Auto Lowering emergency exit feature allows the Luxury Lift Traction (LLT) to lower automatically to the next landing, allowing passengers to exit safely in the event of a power outage. Standard on all Residential Elevators Models.

How Does the System Work?

With traction-style home elevators, cabs are lifted by steel ropes or belts that roll over a grooved pulley known as a sheave. Traction elevators use a counterweight system to offset the weight of the cab, making it highly energy-efficient. You can think of this principle like a seesaw, where weight distribution creates the ascend and descend action. This counterweight process also means no fluids such as hydraulic fluid are needed to power the system.

Our traction home elevators do not require a machine room, which saves you space in your home and also increases the energy efficiency of the system.

Benefits of This System

There are many benefits to a traction home elevator system, including:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Smooth and comfortable ride
  • Commercial-grade functionality for private home use
  • Numerous upgrades available
  • Accommodates front, side and rear elevator openings
  • Highly customizable
  • No machine room necessary

With all of these benefits, it’s no surprise that traction elevators are the most popular type of elevator. It can also be designed to your exact specifications without having to sacrifice anything, and you’ll have the full range of material and accessory options to choose from.

Get Your Home Elevator

Come to Residential Elevators for your traction residential elevator. We offer high-quality and unique services you won’t find with other companies:

  • Full-service elevator company: We are the only full-service elevator company in the country, which means we work with you on your traction home elevator for all stages of the process. We design, manufacture and install everything, and only our employees build our elevators. We do not use outside sub-contractors.
  • High-quality: We use only the best materials made with the finest craftsmanship. What your elevator is made from and how it is made are the pillars of safety and design, and you can trust Residential Elevators to always use the best materials and employ the best workers.
  • Safety: At Residential Elevators, safety is our top concern. Our traction-style home elevators are designed with safety in mind and include emergency safety features, including our auto-lowering emergency exit.
  • Customer service: Our team of experts has the experience and training to find your perfect elevator solution. We work directly with you from start to finish and are committed to creating an elevator you will love.
  • Affordable: For your traction residential elevator, Residential Elevators can provide a commercial-grade option at an affordable cost. Lower prices from competitors are reflected in their materials. We can give you the best of both worlds — quality and affordability.

Below are the Plans and Specifications for our Traction Home Elevators. To view the Hydraulic Home Elevator Plans and Specifications Click Here.

VIEW 3/4″ x 4″ or 3/4″ x 3″ Door/Jamb Information

Traction - Various Drawings

Traction hoistway elevation (typ.) HOR01 HOR01
Hoistway framing structural requirements, isometric view Framers
Home Elevator 3/4" x 4" Rule (Safety) 3/4" x 4" Rule
Home Elevator 3/4" x 3" Rule (Safety) 3/4" x 3" Rule
Rail bracket / rail forces HOR04 HOR04

Traction - Access Door Drawings

Access Door Configurations HOR AD01 HOR AD01
Doghouse Application Configurations HOR AD02D1 HOR AD02D1
Doghouse Application - Plan & Elevation HOR AD02D2 HOR AD02D2
Above Hall Door - RH Rail Application HOR AD03 HOR AD03
Opposite Hall Door - LH Rail Application HOR AD04 HOR AD04
Right Adjacent Wall - Rear Mount Rail Application HOR AD05 HOR AD05
Opposite Hall Door - RH Rail Application HOR AD06 HOR AD06
Above Hall Door - LH Rail Application HOR AD07 HOR AD07
Left Adjacent Wall - Rear Mount Rail Application HOR AD08 HOR AD08
Rail Wall Application - Offset Right HOR AD09 HOR AD09
Rail Wall Application - Offset Left HOR AD10 HOR AD10


Traction Lift Contractor Specifications - with plans Traction
Requirement for Work Done By Others 3/4" x 4" Rule Work Done By Others 3/4 x 4
Requirement for Work Done By Others 3/4" x 3" Rule Work Done By Others 3/4 x 3
Requirements for Anchoring Support Anchoring Support
Minimum requirements Minimum
General contractor pre-installation checklist 3/4" x 4" Rule Check 3/4 x 4
General contractor pre-installation checklist 3/4" x 3" Rule Check 3/4 x 3