Why a Home Elevator Is Worth the Investment

We’ve all experienced the benefits of elevators while traveling and love the ease they bring to our lives. For many, elevators make life easier because they reduce knee and back strain when traveling between multiple floors. Elevators in residential properties have the same benefits and are worth the investment for many homeowners.

Residential Elevators has compiled a list of the top five benefits of having a home elevator.

5 Benefits of Having a Home Elevator

Is a home elevator worth it? Your house and needs are unique to you, but many homeowners seek the same advantages. Installing a residential elevator has several positive effects on your home.

1. Make the Home More Accessible

Living in a multi-story home with only stairs to move between levels limits the areas that some people can navigate. You deserve full use of your home. Installing an elevator in your home makes your home more accessible.

2. Enhance the Safety of Your Home

Many people find using their stairs challenging due to obstacles like knee pain and the fear of falling. Elevators provide a safer way to get around your home. Beyond reducing or eliminating stair use, elevators also have safety features like a built-in phone that you can use to talk to someone while you wait for help and an emergency light.

3. Ensure You Can Stay in Your Home Longer

If you’re considering parting with your multi-story home because you struggle to use the stairs, an elevator may be the ideal solution. Live in the comfort of your familiar home when you can reach the upper and lower floors easily.

4. Save Space and Boost Convenience

Elevators are compact because they move vertically, which helps you save space in your home. They also make completing everyday chores more convenient. Instead of lugging heavy bins, boxes and vacuums between floors using the stairs, you can use an elevator to move them, saving you time and energy.

5. Increase Property Value

You could increase your home’s value by adding an elevator. Homebuyers may look for convenience, safety and mobility features that would make them feel comfortable retiring in the house. An elevator could be the primary reason buyers with these priorities decide to buy.

Elevators can also be an attractive design element that people may be willing to pay more for because of their elegance and convenience.

Is a Home Elevator Worth the Investment?

The many benefits of adding a home elevator make it worth the investment for any homeowner. Integrating accessibility into your home makes other people more comfortable, too. Guests with disabilities and older adults can visit without considering how they’ll navigate to areas of your home that stairs make inaccessible to or inconvenient for them.

Home elevators alleviate common obstacles you may face if you rely on stairs to traverse your multi-story home. You and others can enjoy ongoing independence, complete chores that require moving heavy equipment and making repetitive trips upstairs or downstairs and boost your home’s value.



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