When Is the Best Time to Install a Home Elevator?

As a homeowner, you probably have plenty of ideas to make your residential space perfect inside. One installation that can improve your routine and lifestyle is a home elevator. Maybe you’re planning to renovate your home in the months ahead or you want to get from point A to point B with minimal effort now. If you can relate to any of these scenarios, now might be the right time to install a home elevator.

1. You’re Going Through Changes in Health or Mobility

People can experience a loss of mobility for many reasons, including health concerns and accidents. One of the most common reasons property owners get a home elevator installation is to make caring for someone or moving between rooms easier.

You might consider getting a home elevator if:

  • Your muscles or joints hurt when you use stairs.
  • You find yourself out of breath each time you use the stairs.
  • You have to mentally or physically prepare yourself to take the stairs.

2. You or Your Spouse Has a Degenerative Health Condition

A degenerative health condition affects bones, tissues or organs. These conditions are usually chronic, and they can impact mobility. A sudden increase in symptoms or an official diagnosis from a doctor will tell you when a change is needed.

Certain degenerative health conditions like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and muscular dystrophy can make walking a challenge. Having a home elevator will make it easier for you, your spouse or a loved one to move between floors via a wheelchair.

3. Someone in the Home Has Been Getting Sick Often

If you find that you or someone else in your home gets sick with colds, the flu or allergy symptoms often, a home elevator can help you navigate your home without overexertion. Some illnesses can leave you feeling dizzy or hot. Residential elevators are useful for anyone feeling physically vulnerable.

4. You’re Remodeling Your Home

Some homeowners include a residential elevator within a renovation project. Changing the layout of your home could be the ideal time to plan where you would like an elevator to go.

Coordinating elevator placement during a remodel assignment enables you to see your vision through. There are few limitations as to where you can place a home elevator. You might account for an indoor elevator if you’re adding extra bedrooms or an in-law suite to your current space. Home elevators are also convenient for those who plan to finish basement walls and floors to create an all-new living area.

5. You’re Planning for the Future

Some people choose to live in the same home for years. If staying in your current space sounds appealing, having a home elevator can give you peace of mind. With a home elevator installation, you can rest assured knowing your residential space is well-equipped for anything the future brings.

A home elevator makes it easy to adapt. Welcome guests into your home, relocate heavy furniture and give yourself a safe, convenient way to reach upper and lower floors from day to day. Choosing a residential elevator will also boost the resale value of your home if you end up selling in the years to come.

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